What Are The Areas Covered At The Time Of Asbestos Sample Testing?

The asbestos sample testing is a process of testing the building materials, whether it contains asbestos or not and providing a report at the end. The presence of asbestos is in building materials such as iron and steel. But if present in high quantities it can develop health problems that are sometimes not curable. Basically, this is done to restore the inherent value of the land. This process is executed in the laboratories under the guidance of the scientists so that there could be proper evidence to support the following report.

In this testing, either one wall of the property is undertaken or different locations in the single building are taken up like the tiles on the roofs, the interior lining or the panels placed at the exteriors. It depends upon the examiner whether he wants to take up a small exercise or a large one. The samples taken up for the asbestos sample testing are usually not too large to avoid further damages to the property.

Though the use of asbestos has been reduced in construction still to avoid the increase of the percentage in the air the test is carried out especially in the factories and industries. Chances of hazards are higher in the industrial sectors.

The Overall Cost Involved In The Asbestos Sample Testing

In a survey, it was found that there are a lot of building owners who really want their buildings to be safe from the risk of asbestos. It is a fact that not all the building owners would be able to accept the sudden change and afford the entire replacement of asbestos content in the building.

Through the help of telephone or via email there are companies that could easily provide non-binding cost estimation for the entire structure. Some common details that need to be shared are as follows:

  1. The size of the constructed property
  2. The year in which the building was built (approx.)
  3. Structural information like the types of facade cladding, the type of roof and the linings in the interior

After the rough cost idea, if the owner feels it is right then he may give a contractual quote to the company and then it would lead to the first step towards providing their services.

The Areas That Are Covered At The Asbestos Sample Testing

Though, earlier constructions before 2003 are present but later banning the use of asbestos are mostly demolished if exceeded the maximum percentage. But still, a percentage of asbestos are present in our regular uses. It can be from automobiles or any structures. Inspection and testing allow us to know and control air pollution and save lives at the same time. This entire process of asbestos sample testing is done for the topmost part and then gradually comes to the bottom portion. The following are the broad areas that are covered during the testing:

  • Materials used in roofing
  • Spouting
  • Materials used for installing the ceiling
  • Downpipes
  • Insulation on the walls
  • Cladding on the external part of the facade
  • Internal ceiling
  • Coverings on the floor
  • Footings and the foundation at the bottom
  • Coverings in the electrical and plumbing connections
  • All the joinery in the door and window
  • Lastly, cabinetry in the kitchen as well as bathroom
  • Brake linings of the car

Among all the above mentioned points there are some which can be neglected due to the obvious non-containing asbestos materials. The asbestos sample testing is usually done in large economic factories, offices, storage houses and public service structures which act as a checkpoint. As the size of the industries and factories are larger than there are many more areas to be included for the required assessment to be completed.