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How To Safely Maintain Your Dental Implants?

Advancement in dental technology has made it possible to treat many different dental conditions that simply had no solutions before. Today, even if you have lost teeth, you can replace them with dental implants.  These implants can help you keep the original structure of your jawline. They can also help you restore the chewing function of the teeth. Thus, you will have a solution that does not compromise on the functionality and helps to improve the appearance of your smile. However, even with the implants, their longevity depends very much on the way you maintain them. Therefore, here is a list of things that you should do for the most perfect maintenance of your teeth implants.

The Value Of Excellent Hygiene

If you just received treatment for dental implants Essex, you need to be very particular about good oral hygiene. Every professional dentist will stress this point. Without a proper oral hygiene routine, your gums will start getting affected. This might lead to the gum line retracting from the base of the implant. This will further give dental caries and periodontal diseases an opportunity to take root in your mouth.

Dentist Check-Ups

While you might not always be able to understand whether your teeth need professional cleaning, your dentist can very well understand it. Going for regular dental checkups and reducing the risk of getting unnecessary fillings or tooth erosion. In the case of implants, regular dental checkups will reveal any deterioration in the shape of the implant due to teeth grinding. The dentist will also do a thorough cleaning to ensure your implants stay safe and clean in your mouth.

Routine Health Checkup

If you have any underlying conditions such as the habit of teeth grinding, diabetes or high blood pressure, these will need to be checked routinely. Ask your GP to do a full workup annually to get a clear idea of your current health. This is vital to ensure your overall bone density as well. Remember when you are getting dental implants Essex, they are being fused to the jawbone during the implantation procedure. Any deterioration of your overall health or bone density can affect the implants negatively.

The key to maintaining your dental implants in perfect condition is to take care of your immediate oral hygiene but also look at the bigger picture. Any effect on your health will have an impact on your dental implants as well. So take care of your body in an organic and wholesome manner.