What Makes Chevrolet Impala A Popular Vehicle After All These Years?

Impala from Chevrolet is a known name for all. What made this car’s demand rise through the roof is the popular TV series Supernatural where the protagonists drive this vehicle in every episode. Chevrolet Impala was already a top car in the sedan segment, with a few particular changes, Impala 2020 version’s demand rose drastically. This is why every visitor in Greenville Chevrolet dealership, check this car out even if he/she doesn’t plan of buying it. 

Even before the TV series portrayed this car, Chevrolet has been ruling the market continuously for decades. The reason for such dominance is its specifications. Take a look!

3.6L V6 engine 

3.6L V6 engine is what powers this vehicle and it offers that generates torque of 264 and horsepower of 305. Along with this, a 6-speed transmission (automatic) is paired for switch response and remarkable driving experience. 

Impala offers 19 mpg when driving in cities and up to 28 mpg or more when cruising on highway. The price starts from $31,620; however, after purchasing it, a few features should be added for an additional amount like Driver Confidence and Convenience package. 

The LS trim from previous versions has been discontinued and it is replaced by the new LT versions. Though the LT model is quite good, nothing beats Impala 2020’s Premier model. From comfort to fun driving experience Impala offers it all. 

Comfortable interior and infotainment 

With sufficient space inside, Impala allows driver and passengers to travel comfortably. Its cabin is quiet, that makes ride more enjoyable. Leather wrapped seats with ample leg space in front and back provides the ultimate comfort that many vehicles in this car category can’t provide. With faux leather and quality upholstery, makes this sedan give an elegant vibe to all.

Also, features like heated mirrors, remote start, keyless ignition and entry, auto climate control, are some of the features mentioned. Infotainment is controlled using 8-inch touchscreen display that allows an individual access to Wi-Fi hotspot, audio system (6 speakers), Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, satellite radio, etc. 

For any exterior info, it is better to go to Chevrolet Greenville area dealer. There you can check out all exterior built, tires, rims, etc. 

Safety features 

Apart from above mentioned features, one should include if possible Driver Confidence package as it contains various safety features. These include rear crossing traffic and rear parking sensors, blind spot monitor, warning related to forward collision, lane keeping, lane departure, and more. 

Also, if possible opting for the Convenience package allows the 2020 Impala to have heated steering wheel, front seats heating, rear-view mirror’s auto-dimming, modern power outlet, etc. 

All these features and more have led this car be always in-demand throughout decades. Owning an Impala is considered a legacy, which is why people are really fond of this vehicle. Apart from having a fun and enjoyable ride, this car will help you to join the Chevrolet Impala legacy. All you need now is to simply acquire a Chevrolet Impala 2020 and enjoy every riding perk it provides. 

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