What Is Expected From The 2020 Version Of The Nissan Rogue?

If you prefer the segment of crossovers, because of it practicality, you are not alone. In fact, that’s the primary reason behind the grand success of this body type that is snatching away the market of every other segment in the industry of automotive, apart from the trucks and other task based vehicles. But even in this race of practicality, some models leave the others behind, because of certain reasons, like offering better feature options for a lower price, having more count of utility aspects and the like. When we were looking for such a crossover, that focuses more on utility than anything else, we were suggested the name 2020 Nissan Rogue. 

To test the waters, we visited our nearby Nissan showroom of San Luis Obispo car dealership, and explored the entire lineup, after which we realized that we have chosen the right model for your purpose.

In its compact crossover class, the 2020 Nissan Rogue had already secured a prominent place, and the reasons are not very difficult to guess. The mass buyers who were looking for a spacious and comfortable interior to hall a family and their belongings, while handling the road challenges with a regular composure is available at a price that is truly affordable, while its fuel economy rates aren’t shocking either if not impressive to all. 

Trims for the 2020 Lineup

The 2020 year lineup that Nissan has prepared for the Rogue series looks reshuffled with some minor changes in the powertrain front. So now, you get the 2020 Rogue queuing up in S, SV, and SL trim levels. While front-wheel drive is made standard on every trim model, Nissan kept the option of all-wheel drive available at a price of $1,350. 

Engine Power and Management

All the trim levels of the Nissan Rogue that build up the 2020 year lineup is given a standard 170 horsepower making 2.5-liter inline-4 engine in a strict combination of a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT). This powertrain shows that the crossover is meant to deal more with the city roads than the highways. So, we can expect only a moderate rating of fuel economy by the EPA that counts 29 mpg from a combined trip when driven with the front-wheels while with the AWD versions the count comes down to 27 mpg. 

Inner Space, Comfort and Utility

Inside, the 2020 Nissan Rogue you can welcome five people who can enjoy its comfortable seating positions because of the plenty of space allotted everywhere including the head, shoulder and leg. With the rear seats occupied, the 2020 Nissan Rogue allots 40 cubes to load your stuff, but if you need to carry something bigger, you can fold them down to expand the space to aa gigantic 70 cubic feet. 

Technologies for Safety

From a famous Nissan car dealer near San Luis Obispo, we got to know that the 2020 Nissan Rogue is a safe car to drive as well. It is equipped with several active safety features set as standard like automatic emergency braking, blind-spot monitor, and active lane control, which even higher luxury cars struggle to offer. 

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