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What To Do About Your Energy Supplier When You’re Living In A Rented Property?

If you’re also one of those tenants, who pay their utility bills directly to the energy supplier, you’ll be glad to know that you are eligible to switch your gas and energy supplier, whenever you feel like. You would have never guessed it, but finding a better energy supplier may help you save almost £200 yearly!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of the property of the building or not. Till the time, you’re the one paying the utility bill to the bill, you can easily go ahead to forward the request to switch your energy supplier. However, make sure to inform your landlord about this change, especially if it has been mentioned in the tenancy contract. You can get the request triggered by calling directly on Extra Energy Contact Number and their dedicated team will forward the request on your behalf.

Special Agreement Scenario:

It has been noticed in few cases that your landlord or the letting agency (that has helped you in finding the new property), might have some sort of agreement with a particular energy supplier and this may be the reason for the given energy supplier active in your new property. If this is the scenario, your landlord is obligated to inform you about this certain agreement and keep you provide you with all the necessary details pertaining to utility bill payments.  You can also negotiate about the changes with your landlord, if you spot any such agreement between you and your landlord and an energy supplier in the terms & conditions prescribed in the tenancy contract. However, even if your landlord doesn’t agree to your suggested change in the supplier, you can still go ahead with the procedure till the time you’re the bill payer.

When You’re Not Allowed to Change the Energy Supplier:

In case your landlord is the bill payer for utility or energy bills in your new home; you won’t be able to switch energy suppliers. However, if you feel that energy tariffs are really high and its affecting your budget, you can always have a discussion about this with your landlord and can persuade him to change the energy supplier.

In some of the cases, the costs of the energy bills might be already included in the contract and these fixed bills are added in the contract based on the records of electric and gas meters installed in your home. Hence, there isn’t any chance of getting charged unfairly and you’ll be charged only for the services you’ve been using. Please feel free to call at Extra Energy Contact Number, if you want to know about more about this procedure.

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