What You Should Know About Fq777 Fq17w & 6 Axis Gyro Rc Quadcopters

Quadcopters mean helicopters especially the drones that are propelled by four rotors. Therefore, quadcopters have been the late entrants in the market compared to the other devices meant for the kids’ use and play. However, the best part of playing with quadcopters is that kids will spend more time in outdoor. Thus, they will not be glued to the TV shows or video games. At the same time, they will be exposed to physical and mental activities such as the balancing between the organs like eyes and hands. These gadgets also stimulate their power of imagination and the innovative ways to manage difficult situations.

In short, these quadcopters boost your kids’ overall growth and wellbeing. You will be happy to know that quadcopters like FQ777 FQ17W and 6 axis gyro RC quadcopter with camera RTF mode 2 offer unique advantages befitting the different purposes of life. For instance, if your purpose of buying quadcopters is to give the same to your kids for fun, you should ideally buy an FQ777 FQ17W. On the flip side, if you are planning to take some cool shots such as the selfie with a view to uploading those on the social media page or to share with your friends, 6 axis gyro RC quadcopter with camera RTF mode 2 quadcopter will fit your bill here.

Key features of FQ777 FQ17W and 6 axis gyro RC quadcopter with camera RTF mode 2:

  • Sleek design: Both the quadcopters have a sleek design. However, the arms of FQ777 FQ17W are foldable. As such, carrying it to places is easy and it becomes a compact unit after folding its arm. On the flip side, 6 axis gyro RC quadcopter with camera RTF model 2 doesn’t offer any folding facility. But, it is fitted with a camera that allows you to take snapshots from different angles. Your endeavour for taking good selfie thus takes a leap with this quadcopter.   
  • Flight time: The average flight time of these quadcopters may vary between 6-9 minutes and this is presumably a good flying time given the gadgets of its’ class.   
  • Gravity sensor control: The gravity sensors with these quadcopters allow you to position your cellphone to many angles with a view to taking good quality images.  

However, your need for a quadcopter and the application of it will essentially guide you to decide which one you should go for bespoke to your unique need and purpose.   

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