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5 Theme Party Options For Organising An Amazing Stag Night

Arranging a stag night for your friend can be stressful, especially if your taste for a party runs to putting together simple beer and chips for game nights. Your friend farewell to bachelor life should be more spectacular than that. So, go through the following points to get some theme inspiration ideas to arrange the ultimate stag night for your friend that makes you an instant hit with the marriage party for the rest of the event.

Arrange a pub-crawl

Arranging a stag night in Newcastle can give you a range of pub and nightclub options to explore for the stag night. Most importantly, this theme works beautifully if the stag party has a lot of out of towners joining in for the night. You can combine a city exploration with the stag party while making sure that there is no dearth of great company, amazing pub food and a constant supply of quality drinks. Make sure to hire a local pub-crawler or host/hostess to guide you through the best nightclubs and pubs in the town while giving you a colourful snapshot of the colours of Newcastle.

Vegas-style stag send-off

Vegas is the ultimate stag party theme and if you have the budget, you cannot miss arranging this theme for the night. You can hire an entire hotel club or pool area for the party venue and bring in high-quality entertainers to fill the night with crazy fun. Contact a professional entertainment agency  for lap dances and staged shows for the night. You can also hire pool boys and card dealers to make sure your party can delve into the pool and continue with the guided Vegas-style party for the night.

A night of burlesque appeal

An old-time burlesque can bring a Cirque du soleil to feel to your stag party. Make sure to arrange for professional performers, models and strippers to take the burlesque performances to the next level. Arrange for masks and props so your party can have fun playing in with the theme and have personalised merchandise as takeaways.

Casino royale

Dress up in sleek tuxedos and rearrange for medium to high stakes games in a hotel banquet with professional models and hosts circulating in the party making it more real. Arrange for lots of finger food, canapés and cocktails to keep the spirit of the theme going while you enjoy a classy stag night that remains etched in your memory.

Escape rooms adventure

For the party of adrenaline junkies, you can start the night with planning elaborate escape room adventures around Newcastle, before you move to a nightclub or a private reservation at a restaurant for dinner and cocktails. Collaborate with professional event organisers to hook you up with the best escape room options around the town.

If you have zeroed in on a plan for the party, make sure to tally your budget and stick as closely to it as possible during execution. Make sure you have a designated party host who can secure the arrangements and logistics of the party, so you can cut loose and enjoy once you have put the evening in action.

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