An Overview Of Zero Brokerage

Zero brokerage is a type of trade where the broker is not going to charge any commission on trade. This is a concept that arose in prominence with the number of trades rising in the Indian share market. As per reports in various financial dailies there were brokers who claimed they did offer zero brokerage on the trades, but in reality a different picture did go on to emerge. In addition there are brokers who levied charges upfront on a monthly, yearly or lifetime basis. This has a considerable impact on the amount you are looking to trade and eventually you end up paying a hefty amount in such situations.

Concept of discount brokers

Discount brokers though have been in existence for a long period of time, but of late they have gone on to rise in prominence. They have gone on to outnumber the traditional brokers in a big way as most of them provide zero or minimal brokerage in any case. Still they are not going to provide any type of financial advice as far as trading evolves. They go a long way to help the pace of the investors.

Relation of discount broker along with zero brokerage in India

Very few discount brokers in India go on to justify the concept of zero brokerage. One thing is for sure this concept has gone on to foster a revolution as far as trading is concerned in a country like India.

Before you are planning to venture into stock trading in India, you need to choose the finest stock brokers who can go on to assist you. A lot of discount brokers are there in the market that provides you with zero brokerage or even the best demat account in India. They do allow you to trade in equities, bonds, futures etc. You need to understand in details about the stock brokers and figure out more about them through the reviews. This would narrow down your choice and help you to choose the best broker as per your choice. Keep an eye on the promotional offers that are run out by them. The chances of choosing the best broker increases considerably. In the current market situation it is easy to locate full time brokers or discount brokers and gain advice in the form of stock tips along with recommendations.

A lot of brokers are existing in the market that goes on to provide 100 % satisfaction. In fact most of them do have a free trade zone. The discount brokers are beneficial for an investor who is a seasoned campaigner or a new one to the market. The reason being no form of unwanted advice is provided to them as they can operate on their own terms along with conditions. If you are new to the market you would not want to pay a hefty amount in the form of commissions. Before you zero in on the type of broker you need to figure out your trade objectives in the first place.

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