Do You Know The Secrets Behind The Release Of Remarkable Samsung Galaxy S7!

Are you aware of the secrets behind the release of astonishing Galaxy S7? People are debating regarding its features and time of release. Let us tell you one thing of sure; that it would be an astounding handset, which would pave the way for advanced features in Galaxy series.

You might be thinking, how is it possible when Galaxy S6 was not a complete success. But as it is said that we learn by our mistakes, Samsung has also learnt from the drawback in Galaxy S6 and is working to never let it happen again.

Let’s explore the features and specification related with astonishing Galaxy S7:

Introduction:  It is the latest model of Galaxy S series. It would certainly have enhanced features in terms of its battery life, body, processor microSd slot etc.

Time of release: You might be thinking that why we are telling the time of release when the Samsung’s novel models are launched around March every year, when the Barcelona’s tech fest is held. Well, let’s disclose a secret that an early release is on cards. It quite possible that you would find it in local retail stores in the later part of 2015.

Price: We all are aware of the fact it is not easy to draw the exact information related to prices until Samsung product is released. But if we observe the fashion is which the price of the following model raises, we would find it somewhat close to 649 pound.

Design:  Attractive design and spectacular metal and steel body are some of the distinguishing features of Samsung are products. Stunning looks of Galaxy S7 would definitely impress everybody.

Body (Build): It is most likely to have a waterproof body. Its battery microSd slot would also have enhancements. Most probably it would come along with curved technology. It could also have reversible USB Type C.

Memory: The memory is likely to be 4GB RAM, though speculation regarding 6 GB memory is in the air.

Storage: It would probably have great storage of 32 GB, or could have storage options.

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 is most likely to be the processor in this upcoming model, as pointed by Samsung’s head.

Screen: A fantastic screen with size of 5in is expected. It may possibly have AMOLED technology.

Extra Specifications: As we know that gadgets and gizmos are a part of Samsung’s Smartphone. This time fingerprint scanner is likely.

Camera: A huge camera is most probable and the optical image optimization would also be better. A incrediblesensor of 16Mp is also expected.

Software:TouchWiz and Android M would be most probably preloaded in it.

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