Enjoy Better Security With Leo Privacy Applock

People love to store private photos, videos and files on their phones, which could not be shared with everyone. However, at times it becomes difficult to keep such content safe from other people, who might browse your photos and videos while making calls. Being a smart phone user, if you are bothered about the security of the content stored on your phone, then it is time to search for an app which can provide the required protection. While there are many such apps trending in the market, you should look for an app suitable as per your needs.

Your friends and colleagues might go through private photos and videos while using your phone. Whether this happens intentionally or accidentally, it is your responsibility to stop it from taking place. In this case, Leo privacy applock can serve you very well. Once installed, this app is very easy to use. Its user friendly interface has been designed keeping the convenience of all users in mind. So whether you are a new user or experienced, using this app will not pose a problem. There are no intricate features or exaggerated functions to distract you. Making proper use of this app becomes even easier with the help of useful instructions and tips.

Highly functional and simple, this app is not too large in size as well. It means you will not have to sacrifice a lot of space on your phone in order to keep it protected. On the other hand, it lets you free up extra space with its backup feature. Using this feature you can back up important apps on SD card and uninstall unwanted ones, thus in turn enhancing the performance of your phone.

The privacy of your phone is protected by this app with hide gallery feature. With the help of this feature you can hide photos and videos. Therefore when anyone else is using your phone, he will not be able to see the gallery, thus restricting access to your private data. The photos and videos in the gallery can be accessed only by the owner of the phone, as these are protected through a password.

If you are constantly wondering why the battery of your phone gets drained so quickly, then this app has a solution for this problem as well. Known as memory booster feature, it helps to extend the life of your battery by ending any irrelevant processes or apps running in the background.  It is due to such amazing features that this app has become the favourite of many.

It is easy to get concerned by people using your phone and browsing through your photos, videos and apps. While it is not possible to deny them the use of your phone, you can certainly take steps to ensure that nobody can access your private data. This becomes possible when you have an app like Leo privacy applock installed on your phone, which not only keeps the data protected, but also ensures your peace of mind.

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