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Dr.Kami Hoss Explains How Snoring Can Affect Oral Health

Snoring is a very annoying thing for all people, but it only occurs due to a particular physical issue. It does not only disturb the sleep, but surprisingly, Dr.Kami Hoss strongly opines that snoring can affect oral health to a certain extent.

Snoring is the result of blockage in the nasal package while one is sleeping. When the snoring is restricted to a few times, it does not pose any problem. However, if someone continues to snore every day, there is a reason for one to be worried, as it is probably because of more severe problems such as sleep apnea.

A few other reasons that may cause one to snore regularly include alcohol, allergies, medicines, obesity, and the anatomy of the mouth.

The dryness of the mouth caused owing to the difficulty of breathing through the nose often leads to one waking up to a sticky mouth. The lack of the right amount of saliva in the mouth can further cause several other oral issues because the mouth is no longer lubricated. The saliva of the mouth has several functions to perform, namely:

  1. The maintenance of the pH levels of the mouth
  2. It helps limit the growth of bacteria in the mouth
  3. It helps neutralize the acids in the mouth
  4. It also washes away the morsels of food in the mouth
  5. It helps maintain the teeth and gum health

Experts in dental health say that when the dryness remains for a prolonged number of days, it slowly makes the tongue feel uncomfortable.

Snoring is also a reason behind bad breath. As the mouth feels unpleasant every morning from the dryness, the subsequent deterioration begins with a pungent smelly mouth. The deficiency in the amount of saliva in the mouth does not allow the proper washed out of food remnants from the mouth. Dr. Kami Hoss further informs that those minute morsel of food begins to decay inside the mouth. This leads to the growth of bacteria in the mouth and the consequent increase of bad breath. If this carries on for more days, the subsequent logical degeneration would be of the teeth. There could be possible sores and even oral infections.

When one finds that their oral health has reached a stage such as the above mentioned, they should consider it a signal to consult a dentist. The dentist will undoubtedly guide one and let them know how oral health can be restored and maintained.

A dentist with the experience and expertise of Dr. Kami Hoss will be able to give the best possible suggestion of how to preserve oral health. He has been in the business for more than two decades, and his dedication and proficiency in his work have helped him and his team at Super Dentists increase from one doctor working alone in one office to more than 120 employees. It was through his dedicated efforts that this company of dentists had been endowed with the title of “Elite provider” for all the brace systems they provided.