Ram V Chary Speaks About Keeping Women Ahead In The Workplace

Women have always struggled very hard to find a significant position in the corporate world. The pandemic has added to this misery to a great extent. Reports reveal that many females (almost 5.3 million) have lost their jobs since the advent of the pandemic. This is the reason Ram V Chary, a business professional who has served in various leading positions in different places, upholds the cause to encourage women not to lose hope. He suggests specific strategies to empower women and help them make a comeback effortlessly.

Women are not just meant to display leadership on the home front; they are capable enough to do so on the professional front as well. The following strategies were identified after consultation with those women who have still managed to retain their jobs. They are of the opinion that it is only possible for women to get back to their jobs if there is a joint effort by the menfolk as well.

Work-Life Balance

The first and foremost thing is to lead by example. Irrespective of the gender of a leader, it is essential that a balance be maintained between personal and professional life. Though it is something that ought to be taken care of by both sexes, yet it is much more challenging for a woman than a man. However, there is no life without challenges. Women thus should take it positively and move ahead with full enthusiasm, promotes Ram V Chary.

An accommodative attitude of management

Post the pandemic, the change in the lifestyle pattern has altered the responsibilities of women considerably. If the management of every company honors this and makes changes accordingly, it becomes easier for the women to don their professional attire again.

Emphasis on alternative benefits

To have the women folk back at the office front, the company management needs to consider providing alternative benefits that will reassure them of the fruitfulness of rejoining work. Additional benefits such as parental leave are an excellent inclusive option that can be brought in at the workplace.

Making upskilling opportunities available

According to Ram V Chary, who himself has functioned in several leadership roles, it is vital that the women are presented with the opportunity to upgrade their skills. This is to meet the intention of helping women expand their scope of professionalism. The company management should line up relevant on-job training so that the females can also equip themselves to perform in novel roles.

Empathizing and deeper conversations

If the world wants to see the female bandwagon back in the offices, the organizations must retain their confidence. And this is possible when women feel that their safety and comfort are a thing of priority for the business owners.

However, as a conclusion, it should be mentioned that the efforts on the part of the management can only reach fruition when the women themselves do not lose out on their confidence and remain firm in their self-worth.