Places Where Haris Ahmed Believes Dan Brown’s Novels Will Take The Reader

Imagination has always been at the heart of any novelist, and it is the award-winning imagination that takes their work to a new level altogether. One who has gone through Dan Brown’s novels will find imaginary places and marvels stuffed in every single corner. Any reader will be charged up to imagine through the eyes of the novelist while going through the chapters. Be it a man or a woman, people at large have traveled over time and place as they have gone through the lines in every single page.

Haris Ahmed is a young and voracious reader of Dan Brown’s novels. Even though he is pursuing BTech degree in Chicago, he has not a single novel from reading them. As he went through the each of the novels, he found Dan has creatively camouflaged fact and fiction together. While the places in the books are real, there are certain imaginary aspects which the novelist has added to bring the charm and flair out of the place. It again proves, Dan Brown is a novelist in true sense, and doesn’t bring any anthropological angles to depth.

A Few Places Where Haris Ahmed Loved Traveling With Dan Brown and His Novels

The Temple Church, From The Da Vinci Code

Those who have visited London once must have visited the Temple Church which is one of the five round churches that still exist in England. When going through Da Vinci Code, one will find the mention of the Temple Church which was built in the honor of the sun. The Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem has been resembled in the Church.

The Westminster Abbey, From The Da Vinci Code

Any royal wedding you read of or any coronation that you have witnessed, the Westminster Abbey is the most common of all locations. Dan Brown doesn’t forget to mention Sir Isaac Newton’s burial in the cage. But the fictional touch that Dan has added is in the metal detectors. The time when the book was set in, these added security check was not yet devised. But it was his excellence that he could imagine and incorporate the element well in the novel.

Brunelleschi’s Dome on the Santa Maria del Fiore

If you go through that famous scene in the Inferno, you will find Robert Langdon waking up in an unknown hospital with a bloody gown draped around him. As he gets out of the bed, and tries to take a peek out of the window, he gets to see a dome. As the sun rises higher and the dome is enlightened, he realizes that he is in Florence, Italy. Designed by Andrea del Verrocchio, it has a cross cultural fusion and has been strategically placed in the novel.

There are several such places which have found mention in multiple novels of Dan Brown, and Haris Ahmed loves to travel in those places in his imagination. Love for Dan Brown is not without reason, and there’s enough proof of it in his works.

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