Time Management During Examination Preparation

Time management or managing the time and adding a timetable during examinations seems to be difficult for some students. All the pupils aspire to score good marks in their exams. But, most of them have an issue of how to manage the time while preparing? How much of time to allocate for each subject? Each and every minute counts for the students. This article is all about how to manage your time during the examinations in order to score well. There are a few tips and tricks to command the time.

  • Prioritize what is important – The main aim of time management during your exam preparation is to allocate the time cleverly. Analyse which subject demands and requires more time based on your pace of comprehending and learning. For instance, if you are studying in 10th-grade and feel that mathematics is tough, refer to the textbook NCERT solutions for class 10 Maths and allocate more time. This type of preplanning increases more chances of success.
  • Time Table is a must – Once you are clear with your priorities, now start preparing a wise timetable. There are different types of diaries or student planners available. You can either devise a weekly timetable or a monthly planner based on your preference. Prepare the timetable in such a way that you would love to learn.
  • Self-evaluation – The moment you complete learning a lesson, take up a test and assess it yourself. That is the minute you will be aware of the errors committed and that improves the scope of learning.
  • Focus – One of the most important things while studying is the focus. Always, learn one chapter at a time. If you find any difficulties in understanding, do not jump from one lesson to another. Take time and learn.
  • Do not panic – If you are unable to comprehend the topics, do not panic. Ask for help either from your peers or teachers. Else refer other books. If you are studying in 9th-grade and unable to understand or solve problems, then refer to the book NCERT solutions for class 9.

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