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Essential Facts About Aerial Photos

Need for aerial photography is needed especially when you are in the business or surveying or in the real estate. Aerial photography is required by the people in these fields and thus they have to hire professionals to do the job.

There are three main methods of photography. They are

  1. Aerial photography
  2. Vertical photography
  3. Panoramic photography

The type of mode will depend majorly on the essence of pictures that you require. The modes are different and the person you hire to do the job should know which modes to use for which type of photography.

Oblique Aerial Photography: – in this mode the camera is at an angle of three degrees from the vertical and the horizon. The two types of oblique photography are as follows: –

  • High angle Oblique Photography- in high angle oblique photography the apparent horizon is shown. In this type of photography certain factors like atmospheric haze and clouds often resist the clear view of the photo. The further point of viewing the horizon is called the apparent horizon.

  • Low angle Oblique Photography- in low angle oblique photography the apparent horizon is not shown.

Vertical Aerial Photography: –

  • The photos clicked in such form of photography are taken from a completely flat platform which is either stationary or moving so that the angle is actually vertical.

  • If the degree with respect to the horizon is either three degrees or more, it becomes oblique photography.

  • The good thing about vertical photography is the fact that the scale is essentially constant. The measurements of direction are also easier as compared to oblique photography.

  • They generally resemble the look of a map since these photos are taken from a bird’s eye view and are used to plot points on the ground.

The other notable aspects about aerial photography are as follows: –

  1. The best thing about aerial photography is that it has evolved immensely from the time that the concept was introduced in the time of the eighteen hundreds.

  2. Initially the pictures were taken by using long poles and towers which could essentially give the view from height considerably above ground.

  3. The next things which they used to do were use scaffoldings and then take the shots from these heights.

  4. But the need to take the picture from further heights pushed the innovators to use different ideas into clicking the pictures. One particular person attached the camera with a flying kite and attached it with a fuse. Once the fuse burnt off it would trigger the camera to take the picture.

  5. The other innovative thing which came up was that the camera was attached to homing pigeons. These methods were completely dissatisfactory since it involved the camera to be on air whereas they themselves stayed back on the ground. Hence it was a rather risqué affair.

  6. Thus the next most innovative thing was the air balloon which was used to click the photographs. Initially the balloons were tethered o the ground but later they were used were long stretches of shooting.

  7. The next step which was taken was to use the airplanes as a base for aerial photography. This has continued ever since till the modern days. One of the limiting factors in clicking the pictures is the fact that they are constricted to the safety limits of the airplanes which have to be strictly followed.

The best thing about aerial photography is the fact that it involves an intricate affair with the positioning of the angles properly. Thus, you should definitely go in for this method.

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