Get Expert Advice From Accident Helpline Solicitors

Following an accident, the legal advice you receive is very important. Firstly, you need to know whether you are eligible for compensation, and secondly, you need to know how strong your claim is. Only then, can you make an informed decision about whether to claim.

The fastest way to get good legal advice, is to call an accident helpline that is operated by a reputable and SRA-regulated law firm. Larger law firms tend to operate helplines, so that people can get access to claims advice from the comfort of their own home. Helplines are a great way to get fast advice and answers to all your claims-related questions. And should you want to find out more, then you can always escalate your enquiry and talk to a solicitor.

By calling an accident helpline, you could find out:

Whether you are eligible for compensation

With the date your accident happened, and a description of how your accident happened, a accident claims advisor will be able to establish your eligibility for compensation for you, so that you can find out once and for all whether you are entitled to make a claim.

What limitations apply to personal injury claims

Limitations apply under the Limitation Act 1980. You only have three years from your date of limitation to bring a claim forward, after which your claim will be statute barred under the Act. Your date of limitation is the date your accident happened, or the date your injuries first became clear (this is the date they were first medically diagnosed, on the record).

How much compensation you might be entitled to

The claims advisor you speak with will be able to provide to you an estimated payout for your injuries, based on the information you provide. To do this, the advisor will look at past cases the law firm has worked on. The estimate you receive will be more accurate than one attained through a ‘claims calculator’, although it will still be an estimate. The true compensation amount you make a claim for will be down to your solicitor, and this amount can only be determined after a medical examination has taken place.

How long your claim might take to process

The length of time a claim takes to process depends on the complexity of the case, and the efficiency of the other side. Based on the information you provide, such as who the other side is, the claims advisor you speak with will be able to give you an estimated timeframe for claim completion. However, only when accident advice helpline solicitors understand the nuances of your case, and communicate with the other side, will a true estimated timeframe emerge. The truth is, many personal injury claims can be processed and finalised in 8-12 weeks, but some do take considerably longer to reach a conclusion.

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