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Guardrails And Facts To Keep In Mind

A guardrail is a barrier made along the highway or roof top to safeguard people from falling and restrict any kind of accidents. In order to, provide a safe environment, International Code Council and OSHA have specific set of instruction, which must be followed strictly. All builders are bound to follow these rules whether they are renovating or constructing a new building. It is for the sake of safety for the people staying or visiting there.

Guardrails are generally placed on areas where there are stairs, terrace, and platform and even some restricted areas which cannot be used. This system is mandatory in work areas where the height is more than 6 feet from ground level. But installing Guardrails is not an easy job it needs full-fledged planning. If these are not installed properly, it may lead you and others in a dangerous problem or may cause serious accidents. If any accident occurs in work place due to improper installation of guardrail then company is held liable to bear medical expenses, fines etc. So, proper installation is the essence of fixing guardrail.

How Guardrails Are Installed Properly

There should be proper distance between ground level and the place where guardrail needs to be installed. The standard height must be 42 inch from the ground level. If the workers are working on the roof then it is the responsibility of the employer to safeguard an employee and this is where features like guardrails come in. Other than guardrails personal fall arrest system or safety nets can also be used. Strength of guardrail plays an important role. The strength is determined by capacity of structural load which means how much force it can withstand. If it fails to withstand forces it might get broken down and can be a cause of major accident. According to standard norms, it should be capable of bearing 50 lbs per linear foot and 200 lbs of concentrated force anytime. This ensures that guardrails are strong enough to become a safety band.

If you talk about the benefits that guardrail can provide you with, then read the given pointsbelow: –


Guardrails have good longevity. Once it is installed, it doesn’t need to be changed again and again.The installation of guardrails is very easy and takes very minimum time. It also takes care of money, so its installation can be said as cost-effective installation. It is visible even in dim light and at night. You can opt from various varieties available for guardrail according to your specific needs. Railway tracks do have guardrails to prevent derailment, damage to others etc. Guardrails help in managing livestock too. Animals remain in control as they have fixed area for their activity. Guardrails are easily available as the supply is unlimited. Choosing guardrails is entirely up to you.

Tips for Choosing the Right Person to Get Your Guardrail Installed

Firstly, you should choose wisely the contractor who specializes in the kind of work you prefer. You won’t hire a plumber for mending roofs of your house right you will obviously choose a mason, so you will need a good professional to get your work done properly. Secondly, you should make sure that the contractor you are hiring must have license, insurance and other certificates needed. Look closely to the documents or agreements before signing. Ask your contractor to give you a written estimation of expenses, which can be incurred during the process. Ask your friends or relatives if they can help or refer you to find a good contractor.

So, these are some important points about guardrail, its installation, standard height, advantages and various options available to keep in mind.

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