Immigration To Australia From India Criteria!

Australia is a beautiful place where you will find less concrete and more nature. It’s a place of serenity and it’s always been a preference for the vacationer. People definitely want to have a short term stay here.  There is another side of the country which is developing and idealizing. Because of the many opportunities getting developed there are many Indians who are dreaming of settling in Australia.  People have dreams of getting better living standards and financial opportunities. Every year about lakh of Indians apply for the Australian visa and test their luck for successful immigration. Immigration to Australia from India is becoming a more desperate dream of the interested Indians, but why?

 Why Australia?

From the Indians perspective you will find Australia a beautiful or say an ideal place to build dwelling.  When you move from your country to Australia the best thing you are going to love is the warm welcome of the Australian citizens. No matter from where you are you can settle in Australia without any constraints or issues. Australian government has designed different programs for the visa applicants. With the aid of these programs they are able to get Indians with excellent caliber and skills.  Clearing the immigration means you can have all the rights which any other Australian citizen is having.

After achieving PR permanent residency   you get all the rights like free education, work rights, free healthcare. The Australian government provides the permanent residency holders with a unique benefit after they complete their 4 years of successful stay in the country. You can extend your stay in Australia by applying for the citizenship.

Easy to get PR visa

There are many people who might be thinking getting a PR visa of Australia is going to be daunting task, but it is not.  You just have to meet the requirements such as

  • Age less than 40 years
  • A bachelors degree
  • 2 years of work experience minimum in occupation listed

Good command on the English language

If the calculation gets you 60 points, then you are going to have all the rights to apply for the PR visa.  The immigration of Australia works on the point’s immigration system which means you will be able to calculate your scores easily. You can take the aid of the point calculator and get except scores. You must take the aid of the experts to get a clear result.

Process to get Australia PR visa

 There are 7 stages to apply for the direct visa.

  • Assessment of skills according to the Australian standard
  • Interest which will include your profile along with details
  • Applications that will help in assessment
  • Application invitation
  • DIBP application
  • PCC and medicals
  • migrate to Australia from India Visa approval

Migrate to Australia from India is an easy task and there are many added advantages like job offer, accompanying spouse, state nomination etc. to know about the expenditure you must call the visa experts. You can call the experts.

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