Shipping Containers For Home And Work

Shippingcontainers can be used for any number of things around the home and in the workplace.  They may have been invented with the sole purpose of shipping large goods from one place to the next, and they are definitely still one of the most practical ways of doing so, but they can be used for many other things which make them absolutely invaluable.

At Home

There are a number of uses for shipping containers in the home. Below are just a few:


The primary reason to have a shipping container at home is for storage. They can be used in place of a garage or garden shed, providing a safe and waterproof place to store precious goods, tools and excess spill over from the home.

Home Office

Shipping containers can be converted intoportable offices which are ideal for those of us who choose to make our living working from home. Quite often, the noise and bustle of family life can interfere with a home worker’s concentration, but by relocating to a shipping container in the garden, they can get things done much more efficiently.

Extra Space

Finally, containers can be used as a makeshift extra room at a much lower cost than having a home extension built.


Commercial businesses can also get a lot out of shipping containers:


Warehouses, offices and even restaurants (with the help of refrigerated containers) can use shipping containers to store their goods affordably.

Office Space

Portable offices are ideal for construction workers who need a base from which to work on their latest site.


Finally, shipping containers which have been converted into dorms can be used to house temporary workers, construction workers living on site, and even office workers who are temporary relocated and all for much less than the cost of a hotel bill or flat rental.

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