What Does A Chef De Partie Do?

If you are looking for an interesting catering job, it is well worth considering becoming a chef de partie. It is a role that comes with a lot of responsibilities, but it is also a very fulfilling role that is relatively well paid. Many chef de parties go on to become sous chefs, and a few even become head chefs. Without a doubt the role is an excellent stepping-stone for those who want to progress within the catering industry.

The role varies from kitchen to kitchen. In virtually all kitchens,food preparation is broken down into sections. For each food type, there is a specialist team of chefs. This approach is better for food safety and makes it easier for the kitchen to turn out consistently high quality meals. Each chef thoroughly learns the specific skills needed to prepare the particular food they work with. This enables them to achieve excellent results, every time. The chef de partie will be in overall charge of their own section. They are responsible for the quality of the food produced by that section as well as ensuring everyone in the section works safely.

Finding work

In a large city, there are hundreds of kitchens, and they all needchefs. However, chef de partie positions do not come up very often. For this reason if you want this type of role it is very important that you look out for these roles and apply for them as soon as possible. It is a good idea to sign up for email alerts on the biggest catering job boards and check them regularly for vacancies. This is because, these days, the vast majority of Chef de Partie jobs in Manchester and other cities are posted on these specialist catering recruitment websites. Keeping an eye on these job board websites significantly increases your chances of finding this type of work.

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