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How can a Film Director in Australia Find Film Funding

Directors from all over the world are congregating on Melbourne and Victoria as it has become the cultural capital of Australia. Furthermore, because of advances in technology and the refurbishment of many facilities across the town for film direction, image processing, data storage and networking, directors from across the planet are becoming familiar with the film industry in Melbourne and are beginning to use it as somewhat of a second Hollywood.

Additionally, because of decreased costs in Australia for labour and services compared to the United States, directors are also choosing to use Melbourne and environs services to create their film projects.

Finding Funding for Your Feature

A feature film director would be wise to search for film funding as soon as possible in advance of filming. It can sometimes take several months to process applications for funding and you should prepare your documents and required submission items well in advance. Developing the concept for a feature film can also take several years in advance even before any filming begins. Art work will need to be commissioned, a storyboard will need to be created, script writing will need to be done and much more.

All of this can be expensive and daunting, but thankfully the government of Victoria offers a number of film funding opportunities that can help any director bring the film they are working on to light. Applications are not only limited to Australian citizens and residents, as is common with this type of funding. Foreign films which will be created on Australian soil are also more than welcome to apply for funding.

People to Hire

When you arrive in Australia to create your feature, then you will need to work with a range of professionals who can bring about the actual, day-to-day requirements of your film project. A script writer and a film producer are just two of the important staff you will need for your film if you are neither of these roles yourself. If you would rather focus on being just the director and assign these tasks to other professionals, then there is a huge database of Australian local talent that is available for you to work with from the minute you have secured your funding or begun to work on your film project.

Once filming has begun on your project, you will also have need of actors, actresses, stunt people and extras. A full range of talent is available and the database can be viewed online, so you can plan your recruitment from the comfort of your own location months before your feature will begin shooting.

Funding for Australians across the Country

If you are an Australian citizen or a resident, then there are many opportunities for you to find funding for your film. There are many different types of film funding available depending on the circumstances you are in. For independent movies that represent Australian cultural achievements of some sort, there is a great need.

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