How Mazda Design Inspired The Automotive Industry

If you look back to the history of automotive industry, there will be a lengthy list of many names and brand who have led the industry to a better tomorrow with their own share of contributions. Mazda is none such name that has contributed to the betterment of vehicle industry in many ways out of which design is a major one. At the Chandler Mazda, we had a long discussion on how Mazda as a brand has evolved and what had inspired them to be where they belong today. We talked about the Mazda Spirit, Mazda Philosophy and that took an automatic turn towards their KODO concept of design, that not only has revolutionized the brand itself, but we can see several reflections of the same concept in the newer brands as well. So here we go, a bit deeper into the matter and share with you where we arrived at.

The KODO Concept

Mazda believes in the philosophy of breathing life into their cars. That’s the design philosophy Mazda follows, the concept of KODO. According to the Mazda group of thinkers, a car can’t be considered only as a moving mass of metal that allows you to sit inside it. In their opinion, a car is more of a living creature, that has all the necessary components to consider it as one. With this belief planted deep inside every Mazda member, they keep establishing an emotional bond between the car and one who drives it. Mazda compares this relationship with that of a horse and its rider. Saying that they meant to say that each car design should consist a living soul inside it.

They call this notion as Mazda’s “Soul of Motion”.

Explaining Soul of Motion

With the concept of “soul of motion” that is present in every Mazda design, the car holds a dynamic design that reflects the beauty of life. The power of the engine is translated into elegance of that wild animal that waits patiently before pouncing upon its prey. Each Mazda car carries in it, the essence of that ultimate Soul of Motion that has been envisioned by the thinkers of Mazda.

The Motivation Behind

What came out with the entire discussion we had on Mazda design and its inspiration on other cars at the Mazda dealership Chandler, is that, Mazda is in a continuous pursuit of making a design dedicated to one particular model, seeing which it should be able to invoke the warm feelings of instinctive appreciation that any work of art deserves. Be it the sculpted beauty or the reflections of the beauty of life, be it the way it catches the light and cages it inside, or its groundbreaking speed, that never leaves its grace, the car should be able to make you feel the  irresistible urge to sit behind its wheel and drive it.

This power of belief, their urge to make something beautiful and the hard work to make it materialize, did bear the fruit. Fascinated and inspired by this feeling, several brands today follow the same concept and that is how we get to see those wonder cars whizz passing us much often than before.

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