How To Add Green Screen Chroma Key Effect On Video With Movavi Video Editor

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Chroma key effect is an effect that create a green background in your video. The purpose of setting up a green screen background is to repurpose the background into another backdrop.Green screen technology is useful for producing high quality videos for various purposes including videos used in marking your products/services, commercial videos, and videos that you want to share online.

Green screen speeds up the video production time by making it easier for you to edit your video. The green screen serves as a controlled environment. The solid green color in the background allows you to use a video editor to replace the background. With a green screen, you don’t have to worry about distractions like stranger passing by.

Setting up your own green screen background can be expensive as you have to invest in a lot of equipment. Additionally, you must also be knowledgeable on setting up the green screen.Foe example, you must make sure that you are using the correct lighting and that there is no shadow cast on the green screen background. It takes a lot of practices to set up a chroma key background manually from the scratch.

You will have to spend at least several days to get the green screen background set up. If it is not set up properly, the chroma key effect will not look nice in the video. The most economic method for creating a professional chroma key effect in the video is to use a video editor that offers this feature like Movavi Video Editor.

To create a chroma key effect, you must click the Add Media Files button toadd your video with a white background and the preferred background picture into the timeline. Both the video and the picture background are added to video tracks row. If you cannot find a picture background, you can visit Video Blocks to download free picture backgrounds. Video Blocks is a partner site of Movavi green screen software . The next step is to drag foreground video to the overlay track above. The picture background should be located directly below the foreground video.

After that, you must double click on the foreground video to bring up the tools menu. In Tools, you must choose Cover from the drop down menu that is located on top of the preview screen. After choosing the Cover option, you must select the chroma key option to add a green background screen to the video. When the video is covered with a green chroma key screen background, you can click on the background picture in the timeline so that it is now reflected in the background of the foreground video.

When you select chroma key option, it will expand into several adjustment sliders. You can drag these sliders until it gives the best result to the background picture. Finally, you must click on the Apply button to apply the changes. The last step is to click the export button to save the video for watching on your desktop or mobile device.

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