How To Tackle Microsoft Dynamics AX Training?

When a company gets itself upgraded with an ERP system, the biggest challenge it faces post the infrastructure is in place, is training its users on how to use it. The ERP Project Managers are the ones who have to face the brunt, mostly.

Training ERP users is an ongoing process where constant trainings need to be imparted to keep the employees abreast with the latest developments and upgrades happening in the system.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX training has been developed to simplify and improve the way an organization functions, just as any other software does. It aims at simplifying the processes and implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system.

Just like the programmers of the software have a tough time creating it, the ERP Project managers also have a tough time training its users. Hence, undergoing the Microsoft Dynamics AX training managers in an organization can master the technology and therefore train their peers and subordinates better.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX trainings cover the following areas of operations:
 Finance
 Trade & Logistics
 Production
Each of the training modules in the above fields educate about:
 The process
 How the process is implemented in Microsoft Dynamics AX
 Explanation of the applications and their use in a step by step manner
For ERP project managers who are considering training their employees on the ERP system, here are resources you can use to bell the cat:
 YouTube: Demonstrations and tutorials produced by Microsoft Gold ERP Partners, these are resources that will keep you from being bored from otherwise reading tons of content online.
 Onsite Training: Even though this can be a little expensive, it’s one of the best ways to get to know how to get your business up and running and benefit from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Its where you hire a Consultant from a Microsoft Partner.
 Customer Source: It’s the go-to dashboard for the customers where you can access all training, news, updates and various other resources of information.
 AX Conferences: These are training conferences where incumbents or participants get to see a hands on training in an interactive environment.

While all of the above resources can be used to train your employees, experts say the best way to train is hands-on. It gives employees a real-time insight into the functioning of the software and help them retain better.
What challenges have you faced as an ERP Project Manager? Looking for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 training from good institute? Share your experiences and thoughts with us; we’d love o hear from you.

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