Is BlueG a Good iGoogle Replacement?

If you are still searching for a viable iGoogle replacement,it is well worth trying BlueG. When iGoogle shuton 1 November 2013, millions of users were disappointed because they had been left without an alternative service. However, BlueG have now stepped in to provide a fully functional personalised start up or home page.

Here is an overview of what this innovative product has to offer.

The Pros

Perhaps the best thing about BlueG for iGoogle users is the interface. It looks almost exactly like the original iGoogle interface and works in a very similar way. This means there is no steep learning curve. You determine the look and feel of your homepage. The old Canvas View is easy to toggle on and off.

Another big plus is the fact that there are so many gadgets available. All of the top 50 iGoogle gadgets are there and a lot more besides. New ones are still being added. The BlueG deliberately set out to provide a complete iGoogle replacement.

The shopping gadgets are the best. It is possible to browse many of the bigger retailer’s sites without having to leave your homepage.

There are also tailored channels available for those who are interested in sport, gaming, entertainment, gadgets, music or fashion. These channels feature reviews, news and best buys.

The Cons

There are very few cons. The reviews are very good, and customer support is excellent. However, some users do still struggle with the initial setup and early adopters were not pleased when they discovered they had to set everything up manually.

However, these are really just small niggles. The vast majority of iGoogle users will be more than happy with BlueG. In no time, most users find themselves customising their homepage and adding new gadgets just as easily as they did when they were using the iGoogle home page.

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