Issues Were Based By S8, But Galaxy S9 Will Be Perfect

Think Again. Are you thinking about buying the Galaxy S8? It has many limitations and you need to aware of all of them in order to get a nice device which not only provides you a big gorgeous display but also good features within your comfort zone. S8 has many faults in it, explore them, and then decide, whether to buy it or not.

Sound: External speaker at the flagship also plays well, but do not have stereo speakers. The sound comes from one speaker on the bottom; it’s loud and fairly full-bodied, like a smartphone. Volume reaches 70.3dB. Galaxy S9 will fix this problem, going to launch next year.

Additional protection is provided to two sensors: fingerprint and iris: In our tests, both sensors are not convinced, so most users will probably prefer to unlock the Galaxy S8 through PIN-code or pattern. In comparison, Samsung Galaxy S9 will not face these kinds of issues and come up with a brilliant sensor technology devoid of these defects found in S8.

Typing Discomfort: Unfortunately, smartphones are needed not only to admire them, but also to work with them on a daily basis. Curved edges, like its predecessors, interfere comfortable to type on the keyboard, give extra glare and completely unnecessary distortion. Galaxy S9 design will not come into the typing comfort zone and will provide the user a pleasant zone. The unusual display format results in the black edges when we are viewing the videos. In addition, you will find yourself waiting for a lot of discovery, when you run your favorite applications in full-screen mode. If the display format of the application is not supported, then and the format of the benefitare lost. In Galaxy S9, these problems will be resolved by the Samsun. S9 will hit the market with very new, delightful features.

Bad Ergonomics: The biggest drawback of Samsung Galaxy S8 is bad ergonomics due to the narrow scope of the display. Galaxy S9, probably, will not become short of the display, as it has no special physical home button present on it. So, Galaxy S9 is far better than S8.

A weak competitor: Samsung also did not realize all the opportunities available. Of course, Galaxy S8 cameras provide high-quality photos and video, but still inferior to Pixel, Mate 9 and the P10. Galaxy S9, in turn, a tough competitor to all of the above mobiles and is ready to compete also with upcoming iPhone 8, Sony and LG.

Samsung S8 user will have to settle for the on-screen buttons. Physical Home button is turned on the screen. Unfortunately, the button when pressed is not always accurate, sometimes exciting field next to the button symbol. Despite the new panel on top is enough space for the speaker, front camera, and sensor and scanner iris. Samsung Galaxy S9 will resolve all these faults present in S8 and come up next year with superb display design and functions.

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