Precautionary Steps To Be Taken While Dealing With Legionella

First of all, it is important to know what Legionella is actually. A noxious bacteria give rise to frightful pneumonia kind of disease and it this disease results when your water may contain Legionella bacteria and it is gulped in your body. It might enter your body with a water spray or mists. In case, there is a probability of the presence of this bacterium in your water system at your office or home, then it may result in serious risk to the health.

It’s not possible to have a particular certification or any sort of registration that offers you a proof of complete Legionella safety. However, it’s important that you are aware of the risks and have Legionella risk assessment Process at your home as well as your office.

Here’s a Complete Guide That Offers You Complete Assistance on How to Stay Safe and Accomplish Your Duties:

What May Be a Risk if You Get in Touch With Legionella?

Whenever you come in touch with Legionella bacteria, it gives rise to a terrible disease and health condition and this bacteria affects 200-300 people every year in the UK. It can show an impact effectively on those who have low immunity and more vulnerable to infection. So Legionella testing turns important for everyone.

Where Legionella Bacteria Can be Found?

The bacteria can be found in the kitchen extract, ducts, water tanks or a place that has water or moisture. It is observed that bacteria can be seen at any place so kitchen extract system cleaning, ductwork cleaning,  and complete ventilation system cleaning is quite important.

What Are the Factors May Show Its Effect?

Here is a checklist of the conditions that make you aware of the conditions where bacteria can appear:

  • When the water temperature remains between 20-45 °C, then there are chances for the growth of bacteria. 
  • When there are water drops, spray or some sort of mists are circulated in the air.
  • When you store the water or re-circulate before making its use.
  • Alongside, the presence of rust and sludge in the water gives rise to this bacteria.

When any of these situations are probable then it might give rise to the illness and chances of illness are more.

Follow the Controlling Measures of Legionella

There is always a need for Legionella Testing in the water systems, monitoring, and hygienic cleaning is important. Some of the measures are as under:

  • Hire a company that have professionals and experienced personnel
  • Connect with someone who can give you the complete brief with documentation of findings, along with schematics and water system specification
  • Complete evaluation and reconsideration of the risk exposure
  • Create a risk minimization approach, an action plan and process to accelerate medical work where risk evaluation and monitoring can be observed
  • Actions for examination, preservation, and decontamination of the water system is important
  • Train your personnel

Make sure you maintain complete water hygiene and water hygiene risk assessment is another thing to consider. Legionella Testing is important, alongside keep the water temperature maintained, chemical and bacterial testing should be inspected to make sure your water system is non-toxic.