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Panelled Shorts For Men Are The Trend Of The Year Let’s See Why!

Shorts are the first choice of many men. They can wear it anytime anywhere. The versatility of shorts makes them the favourite outfit of almost all the men and the most sought after piece of clothing in their wardrobes. While browsing through any online store like the,,, etc. or while going on a shopping spree you are likely to see panelled shorts in a wide variety of colours and fabric materials. Through this article we will talk about what panelled shorts are and why are they in trend this year.

Let’s get started.

What are panelled shorts?

Shorts that have panels or more clearly speaking shorts which are divided or segregated in panels of different colours are called panelled shorts. You can find a variety of colour combinations for panelled shorts both offline and online. Generally, they are made from contrasting colour combinations. One light colour is matched along with the darker shade.

Why are panelled shorts in trend this year?

In summers it is quite difficult for men to decide what to wear because they are left with fewer options as compared to women. It can be a genuine struggle for men. Even in shorts, they do not have many choices due to the same kind of stuff available everywhere. We all need newness in life and clothes are one such thing that can give us a new feel every day.

In this summer and spring season 2017; panelled shorts are the first choice of the men all over the India and abroad.

Panelled shorts offer the following advantages:

  • Great look

These shorts have a great look due to two reasons. One, the stitching of the panels is done so neatly and with so much accuracy and finish that no man can resist himself from buying these shorts. Two, the contrasting colours used in the panels gives them an amazing look. Therefore, no doubt if they are the first choice of the men this summer season.

  • Versatility

Panelled shorts are known for their versatility. Due to the coloured fabrics used in manufacturing them, they can be worn anywhere. So you can put them on even while going out for a stroll with your family. You can also wear them for an instant coffee plan with your girlfriend when you have no time to change. And moreover, they can be worn when you are just relaxing at home.

  • Comfortable

Like all other shorts, panelled shorts are also very comfortable as they are made from soft fabric materials like fleece or cotton. While you are relaxing in your home and suddenly guests come in to give you a surprise these shorts keep you ever ready and save you from embarrassment which you might face if you are wearing boxers.

  • Mid-length

You will observe that panelled shorts are not very short in length like the boxers. They are generally of the mid-length. Thus they have an advantage for the tall men who avoid wearing shorts due to the extremely short length.

Now that you know why panelled shorts are so much in trend this year, explore the huge range of shorts available on and grab yours soon.

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