Tips To Register Your Business Name And Its Benefits

Few people think that name of any individual or entity does not matter much. But it is not so because everybody and company is known by one’s or company’s particular name. Significance of name goes a long way in highlighting one’s or company’s characteristics.

Mentioned hereunder are few tips to register your business name that is important in highlighting the company’s or individual’s features. People get information about the credentials of the company through its particular name and other necessary particulars. Those going ahead with starting a new venture must get the company’s name registered with the Registrar of Companies that maintains a complete record of the relevant features. Law of the land makes it necessary to register company’s name that helps in protecting the company’s name. No other concern is allowed to keep such names that have already been registered.

Following tips can be much helpful in getting the name of the company:

  •  DBA (Doing Business as Filing) – This easy method is called as Fictitious Business Name too. Hundreds of local newspapers are flooded with classified listings for Fictitious Business Names. This easy method can be adopted by the proprietorship companies to register their business names. There is no need to create any formal entity similar to a corporation.
  • Authorized business structure – Business names of the companies are generally registered with LLC or corporation by the state authorities. It is the duty of the concerned officials to ensure that no two business entities have the similar names as it may create problems. This effective method helps to protect use of the name by other companies that are bent upon playing fraud.
  • Trademark – Acquisition of trade mark is necessary for protecting the name and brand in all states. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, i.e. USPTO or other concerned officials in respect of other countries deal with such cases. Those who have the trademarks get protection in better ways as compared to the ones that fall under the general rules. Recovery of the properties is easy as far as the former are concerned. While going ahead with registration of your individual or firm’s name you should be careful. Do ensure that the name suggested by you has not been registered by any other firm.

Persons desirous of registering the names of their companies should see that all legal formalities are followed to register the name. After all it is the sign of your company’s profile that will be used in future. Certification of registration need not be displayed by any concern whose business name has since been registered. Displaying the company’s name is necessary for the companies that are engaged in activities at places where public connection is relevant.

Possessing a perfect business name is a must. As such you should follow the requisite formalities to register your business name with the concerned authorities. Experienced lawyers may be consulted for this process as they know everything about the concerned officials that are much helpful in getting the required tasks accomplished.

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