What Makes Goa The Most Visited Destination In India?

This is the question asked by people, who have not got the opportunity to travel to this wonderful city. Unless you visit yourself, you would not know. Goa is the smallest state of India and is bounded by the state of Maharashtra from the north, Arabian Sea from the western coast and by Karnataka from east and south. Approximately 125 Km of the Goan shoreline is dotted with beaches. These beaches are further divided in to North and South Goa. Once you are in Goa, you would find strong Portugal and European influence on the culture, food, and religion.

While you are planning your vacation in Goa, you can book yourself for a five-star luxury hotel or a budget hotel. There are huge ranges of options that are available to stay from high to low. You can find different genres of tourists visiting to this place in for drinks and parties. Goa is known for its rave parties and nightlife and may be that is the reason, Goa tours are operated from both India and abroad. Apart from drinks and parties, many couples plan their honeymoon in this city while some just visit to have simple fun. You can also find lot of single travellers, who take a month’s vacation to enjoy the magnificence of this place.

Every year about two million of visitors visit Goa throughout the year, and the maximum rush is during the Christmas and New Year. The rates of tourist packages get high during those months. Therefore, it is sensible to book hotel and flight in advance so that you do not get stranded during the peak season.

Reaching Goa is simple. You can either take a flight or a train to visit the city. Via Road as well, it is well connected to many important highways of Maharashtra. The best to visit is to take a train or flight to Mumbai and then take a road trip to this place. You can get good flight deals during off-season or if you book well in advance. Travelling by train is another way to enjoy the journey and you even have the option of taking food delivery in train to enjoy the delicacies of Maharashtrian and Konkan cuisine.

Off season is the best season to travel to this place. Off season is from June to Sept, which is also the monsoon season. During the rainy season, the greenery is at its peak and both flora and fauna blend create a lovely and magical beauty. If you are looking for mountains and waterfalls, then head to south part of Goa.

Goa is also known for its water sports. You can do parasailing or jet ski under the supervision of the experts. If you want to take complete pleasure on your vacation, it is always good to make all the reservations in advance.


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