5 Types Of Novelty Cakes That Are Top Choices Amongst Parents For Their Kids

Earlier in the olden times, cakes were not a very important part of birthdays or other occasions. But these days you would notice, every birthday, anniversary, special occasion is celebrated with a cake. This is exactly where novelty cakes came into the picture and today you would see the bakery is filled with novelty cakes and orders of it.

Novelty cakes are customised cakes that are made for special occasions and have a special shape or a design on it. These are getting popular amongst kids. Parents often like to get novelty cakes for their kids.

So, in today’s article I would tell you the top 5 cake designs that have been considered by parents. And if you are looking for cake ideas for your child’s birthday, I am sure this will help you a lot.

  1. Tom and jerry themed cakes- the cartoon tom and jerry needs no introduction. It is also very famous amongst the children. So, the Tom and Jerry themed cake goes well for both girls and boys. The cake could be in the shape of Tom and Jerry chasing each other with a birthday wish on the top.
  2. Princess/Barbie cakes- this kind of cakes is popular amongst the girls. The cake would e in the shape of a princess or a Barbie with a beautiful gown. It can be made in different flavours, colours and heights as well. So, you could now gift your baby princess a princess cake too.
  3. Sports themed birthday cakes- this is mostly liked by the boys. But if your girl is athletic then you could surprise her too with an amazing sports themed cake. All you have to do is find out your child’s favourite sport and place an order accordingly. The confectioneries try to make the cake look as life like as possible.
  4. Dora the explorer themed cake- Dora the explorer is yet another famous cartoon that is mostly popular amongst the girl kids. So, if your little girl is a huge Dora fan, then a dora cake would be the perfect birthday gift for her. You could also get a special message on the cake and make the occasion even more special.
  5. Baby face cakes- now, this is not just limited to the babies but also can be done for the adults. Making this cake uses special technology. All you have to do is just give the picture of your child that you wish to see on the photo. And, they get it done. It is a real cake with the photo on its top. This makes the cake pretty amazing.

I am sure you are definitely going to like a few ideas that I mentioned above. Also, if you are wondering about the price then don’t you worry these are not very expensive. They are a little costlier than the regular cakes but then they are all worth it! your child’s birthday doesn’t come every month, so a little extra spending should really not bother you!

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