How The Indian Railway Is Progressing Rapidly

Often the Indian Railway has been known to offer poor services like delayed trains, bad quality of foods and hygiene and a lot of other problems. But, in recent years, it has developed a lot and has brought spectacular changes in its existence. In India, trains are one of the easiest, cheapest, simplest and the most popular way of travelling. From local trains for daily passengers to the trains for the tourists, people love to travel by this transportation.

After the Independence, the Indian Railways faced a tough time for long. But, things are getting changed. To make people more attracted to travelling by trains, Indian Railways is trying their best, and presently, they have come up with few advanced developments that have changed the thought process of tourists on Indian Railways. So, before planning your tour and checking train and seat availability, you should know about the current developments of Indian Railways.

  1. DeenDayalu Coaches

Travelling in general class was pain before. But, now, with the advent of ‘DeenDayalu’ coaches, the quality of general class has been improved a lot. Today, Railways has brought their first unreserved coaches ‘DeenDayalu’ with several facilities, including charging points for your mobile, portable drinking water, bio-toilets, etc. which are also present in the mail and express trains.

  1. Gatiman Express

The Indian Railways is heralding several new era trains, and the best thing has been done when Railways Minister, Suresh Prabhu, inaugurated the new high-speed train that will cover 200 km from Delhi to Agra within 100 minutes only. This is really a great achievement for the Indian Railways, which is often blamed for its laid-back attitude. This train contains 5,500 HP electronic locomotive along with eight AC Chair Car coaches, two Executive AC Chair Cars, high power emergency braking system, passenger information system based on GPS, automatic fire alarm and obviously sliding doors to the coaches.

  1. Executive Lounges

No matter how much effort Indian Railways has put so far, it failed to get the attraction of high-class passengers. They prefer flights over trains. To become their apple of the eye, IRCTC and SSP Catering India collaborated and came up with executive and luxurious lounge for the passengers at NDLS. Here, at this lounge, people can get the luxury of a hotel with the comfort of homes. You can book earlier from the travel booking sites.

  1. CNG Train

Indian Railways is also thinking about the environmental degradation that is happening everywhere, and they are not at all lagged behind in doing their bit to keep the environment clean. The advent of green fuel and the CNG trains is really a milestone for Indian Railways that it has touched recently. The first CNG train has been launched between Rewari-Rohtak Section in the Northern Zone.

These are certain developments that have changed the so long ideas about Indian Railways. There are more to come, and hopefully, people will prefer travelling by train above anything else.

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