Things Needed For Hotel Check-In

Getting a good accommodation at distant places far away from one’s sweet home becomes necessary for many of us at one time or the other. We may have to go far off places to attend a job interview, for attending any marriage or for temporary transfer and for other such purposes. We may be required to hire accommodation facilitated by Windermere hotels and other such companies. All of them may not allow us to check-in without ascertaining our identification for security purposes and other reasons.

Those thinking to get accommodation in any hotel may be asked to produce the following documents:

  • Identification proof – The persons checking into any hotel are usually asked to produce identification proof that highlights that he or she is the same person that has made the reservation. One’s driving license, passport, Government ID card, job card etc could suffice for this purpose. There are solid reasons for the hotels to ask for identification proof. It saves the clients from fraudulent use of credit card and its theft. Hotels are also at benefit by asking for such documents. They can rest assured that the hotel room is not booked by producing any stolen documents. Hotels can be safe and can ensure the safety of their clients by asking them the identification proofs. They can ensure that only the genuine persons stay in their hotels by producing the genuine identification proofs. This is the best method to prevent criminals, strangers or other unscrupulous persons from entering the hotels. Thus identification proof saves the hotels and the clients too.
  • Confirmation of reservation – This is another identification proof for the ones that intend to check into any hotel. Those reserving the rooms through internet are generally issued proof of reservation through e-mails or other such modes that carry confirmation number and other relevant information. A hard copy of such documents must be carried by the persons that are checking into Windermere Hotels or other companies that facilitate good accommodation.
  • Credit card – The hotel management may ask for the credit card through which the reservation was made. It is a sort of additional security measure. The credit card may be retained on the hotel’s file to get the charges against any incidental charges during stay. Carrying one’s credit card along with while checking into any hotels is beneficial other way too. One can use the same while shopping around the city when staying in any hotel.
  • Discount Card – Prominent hotels usually facilitate loyalty reward and other such programs. If you have asked the same while reserving your room in any hotel, do produce the same while checking in. The relevant discount card enables the clients to avail of the facility offered through such cards. Good discounts are available through such documents that act as identification proof too.

Those wishing to hire a comfortable accommodation offered by Windermere Hotels or other such concerns are advised to carry the above documents with them while checking in. Do ensure that the same are with you.

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