Champone C1: Extremely Affordable Smartphone

The Indian mobile market is full of very affordable new smartphone models. The budget smartphone market in India is always abuzz with many attractive products with good capabilities at amazingly low prices. However, when it comes to even super low-cost budget smartphones, we can’t think of anything below at least around Rs. 5,000.  However, there’s also incredibly low priced smartphones that sound unbelievable with their specs, features and above all – price. Talking about budget smartphones, the first name that comes to our mind is Freedom 251, which created a huge buzz for its incredibly low price tag while promising to offer a satisfactory smartphone experience. Nevertheless, the great buzz around the Freedom 251 smartphone fizzled out as soon as it rose. Unlike the many other popular budget smartphones in the Indian mobile market, the Freedom 251 totally vanished into oblivion and nobody seems to be interested in this device at all anymore. Now, another such unbelievingly low cost smartphone model is creating the same sort of buzz in the market which is named as the ChampOne C1.

Now, guess how much the new ChampOne C1 costs? Just Rs. 501, yes 501 that is almost how much you may for a latest movie at a multiplex for just a single person. However, even being priced at this ridiculous price tag of only Rs. 501, the ChampOne C1 is making everyone’s jaws drop with its specs and features list. Nevertheless, the incredulous low price doesn’t mean that the ChampOne C1 is available for everyone to buy. This is because the smartphone is available only online that too via prior registrations, which means that it is available only through flash sales. This further means that you might or might not be able to get hold of the device even if you are very much interested in it. The ChampOne C1 comes from ChampOne Communications that is a MCA certified company in India. The ChampOne C1 is the first ever smartphone model to be offered by ChampOne Communications and is part of the company’s ‘Made in India’ campaign.

So, are you wondering that if just at Rs. 501, the new ChampOne C1 is a real deal or not? Let’s try to find out:

Display & Design

The new ChampOne C1 comes with a large 5-inch IPS display, which seems to be huge at its price point. Moreover, the screen or viewing experience on its extreme low-cost phone should be pretty impressive as it comes with HD screen resolution (720 × 1280 pixels). So, expect a real deal when it comes to the viewing experience of a decent budget smartphone model. The device also has decent design which is seems to be pretty good.

Hardware & Software

The surprise doesn’t end here, as the device’s under the hood specs will take your breath away, especially at its price point. The smartphone is equipped with a MediaTek MT6735 quad core chipset that ticks at the speed of 1.3 GHz. The processor has the support of a good 2 GB of RAM. The ChampOne C1 runs on the dated, but good version of Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system.


The smartphone also offers good cameras to offer a wholesome smartphone experience. It will offer a great 8 MP primary snapper placed at the rear, while there’s also a standard 5 MP secondary front facing camera for all the selfie lovers.

Battery & Storage

The ChampOne C1 draws its juice from a good 2500 mAh battery pack which should offer good backup life for a whole day for all the moderate users. The C1 also comes with a decent 16 GB of onboard memory space which is pretty standard for the under 10k budget smartphones. However, we yet don’t know if there will be the facility of storage expansion via SD card slot or not.

Connectivity and Add-ons

ChampOne C1 can also support dual SIMs so that the users can have the facility of using two different contact numbers for work and personal calls. The smartphone will also offer all standard connectivity options which include 4G LTE support, 3G, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB port and other regular connectivity options.

Above all, at this amazing price tag, the new ChampOne C1 is also going to offer the additional security of a ‘Fingerprint scanner’, which is really awesome, as no one expects a below 5k budget phone to offer a fingerprint sensor, let alone a Rs. 501 bucker device.


Now, if you can’t really believe that the ChampOne C1 can really come with all these capabilities and specs and cost only Rs. 501, and are completely getting very suspicious, then here’s the real fact for you. The ChampOne C1 does not really cost as cheap as Rs.501 and it is only an introductory price to create a lot of buzz around it and promote the device. The company has already announced that the smartphone is actually priced at Rs. 8000. So, now you know that all these good things about the ChampOne C1 really don’t come really that cheap and the device actually costs like under 10k budget model, and that’s why there’s really no need to doubt its capabilities. So, you can put your suspicion away that it is a scam and consider buying it.

Initially, the ChampOne C1 is available at just Rs. 501 for the first flash sale which has began from 2nd September 2016 and most probably from the next time onwards the company will sell the device at its real price. All interested buyers of the ChampOne C1 will have to register themselves on the company’s official website.


The ChampOne C1 is essentially a quality budget smartphone model that costs sub-10K and has all the good features for becoming a good success in the highly competitive mobile market of India. Its specs look really good on paper and its other features such as an HD resolution display, 8 MP primary camera and a fingerprint sensor will also clearly draw buyers towards it even at Rs. 8000, and if you can really grab it at Rs.501, then you are lucky enough to have a fantastic deal.

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