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Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) – What Parents Should Know To Protect Their Kids

COVID -19 is a pandemic disease that is caused due to novel coronavirus. It is one of the strains of coronavirus identified in the city of China, Wuhan. COVID-19 stands for:

  • CO – Corona
  • VI – Virus
  • D – Disease

Earlier, it was known as 2019-nCoV or 2019 novel coronavirus. It is a new virus that is linked to SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and common cold. According to WHO (World Health Organization) report the virus is pandemic as it spreads to the families and children of any community and country. 

Healthcare experts and organizations are recommending many protective measures to people to safeguard their families and children from the transmission of deadly virus. Few of them are washing hands frequently, wearing face masks in public places, maintaining social distance and more.

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Information you have to know online

You can find so much of information regarding coronavirus online as how it transmit, how to be safe, and what you have to do in case you have virus symptoms, but there is some misinformation too.  So, you have to look at the advice and information carefully. 

UNICEF has launched a web portal to provide information as well as guidance to the people regarding COVID-19. Also, WHO (World Health Organization) provides answers to few recurrent questions. You can also know about latest news and recommendations provided by the local or national authorities.

How CoViD-19 will spread?

This virus is transmitted from the contact of infected person through sneeze, cough, or in some other way. The virus can endure on surface from hours to days, but a simple disinfectant will kill it. According to the studies conducted till now, COVID-19 virus transmits mainly through respiratory droplets contact rather than air.

Coronavirus symptoms

The symptoms of COVID-19 virus are same as common cold or flu. They include:

  • Cough
  • Breath shortness
  • Fever
  • Breathing difficulty or pneumonia in severe cases

Does corona virus affect children?

There is no adequate information about its effect on children and pregnant because the virus is new one. As per the information till now people of all ages are prone to the deadly disease, but older people and people who have other medical conditions are at risk.

Children can be protected from the virus by taking special attention like school closure, maintaining physical distance, and by minimizing negative consequences.

To protect yourself and your kids from the spread of virus follow good respiratory and hand hygiene measures. Also, follow your child vaccination schedule properly. In case you or any other member of your family are experiencing the above stated symptoms seek medical help immediately and follow your healthcare provider instructions. 

Moreover use face masks whenever you went outside and educate your child how to wear a face mask to protect themselves from the spread of virus. For this, choose a reliable store who sells top-quality masks and order today for you and your kids.

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