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Cost-Efficient Liver Transplant Surgeries In India

Undeniably an important part of our body, the Liver carries out varied bodily functions to keep the body healthy and living. One of the most prominent tasks entitled on the liver is to convert nutrients present in the foods into essential vitamins and hormones, required by the body. However, there are times when the liver is stressed and cannot perform to its optimum capacity and a transplant is required from a healthy donor. Although the technical term is called ‘allograft’, not many people are aware about the technical term and choose to go ahead with the term ‘liver transplant’, maybe because it is more relatable and less scary. 

There multiple liver transplant hospitals in India that help the patients undergo the complex yet assuring surgery of allograft. The liver transplant operation is suggested by the medical technicians as a major operation and hence the patient has to recuperate in the ICU (intensive care unit) of the hospital in which he got his liver transplanted. Yes, the surgery sounds complex and a lot of people who want to undergo the surgery, ask about the liver transplant cost. The cost of the entire surgery depends on the health of the patient, wherein some patients need ventilator assistance for breathing, whereas some of them need intravenous fluids and other nutritional support. Hence, the liver transplant cost can vary from person to person, however, in most cases, it is likely to be covered by your Medicare. 

Liver transplant hospitals have been carrying out the surgeries for as long as 40 years now and people who’ve been a victim of liver failure are now blessed with a new life, as similar to the one they lived before. These liver transplant hospitals carry out thorough evaluations of the liver donor and check it for drug abuse, infections, STDs before going ahead with the transplant. Along with the physical checking, surgeons at liver transplant hospitals require a patient with good mental health status as well, ideally in the age group of 18-55 years, who voluntarily wants to donate their liver to the infected person. Checking for compatibility before going ahead with the surgery is imperative. 

The country of India is privileged to have a couple of good liver transplant hospitals across the globe, with highly dignified and experienced set of medical professionals. Though it is comparatively a high cost-involving surgery, Indian liver transplant hospitals provide this facility at an affordable rate. The patient or his family doesn’t have to worry about the cost involved in liver transplant, and affordability is one major reason why India has seen a substantial rise in the number of international patients. The treatment provided by the surgeons in India is as good as the developed nations, at almost one-twentieth the cost of liver transplant abroad. Furthermore, liver transplant hospitals in India are equipped with state-of-art facilities and involve multi-disciplinary health care providers, making it one of the best cutting-edge technologies around the world. With success rates as high as 90%, these programs are a ray of hope of patients suffering from an acute liver failure and want to get it transplanted at an affordable rate. 

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