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Finding Out The Due Date In An Easy Manner

Kudos! On  being pregnant. You are anticipating the arrival of a new born baby in your family. But in the midst of all this you would like to understand on how pregnancy days calculator works. This is not something that can be undertaken in an easy manner and it would mean calculation of the closest day to your pregnancy. Hold on !this cannot provide you with the exact date of your pregnancy but you can get a rough idea of it. After all nature has its own way of exploring things in a mysterious manner.

With the help of pregnancy websites, women can go on to find their due dates. In just a matter of seconds the results are going to be displayed in front of you. So that you have an accurate date, you would need to enter all the details required in the correct manner. The accuracy though depends on how correctly you have zeroed in on the details.

How to calculate the due date

The standard rule in calculating the due date is to go follow the last menstrual date. With the help of this date your due date is being calculated. Ideally to LMP 280 days are being added. The general ruling is that women would have ovulated 14 days from the last day of their LMP and conception will occur on the same day. This rule is only applicable for women who fall in the 28 menstrual cycle period and not for others who do not follow the same pattern. In case of them the results will not be satisfactory. Any form of pregnancy calculator even the pregnancy week by week pictures, is only going to provide you with a rough idea. Delivery can occur well before and  after the due date as well.

How to prepare for the baby

Another method to derive the pregnancy date, is Naegle’s rule. This would mean calculation of 3 days back counting from the first day of your last LMP and then you would add 7 days to it. The day that results from this calculation is the due date.

With the help of ultrasound the exact age of the baby in the womb is figured out. In hindsight it does simplify things in arriving at the due date. Another method that you could opt for is a gender predicator test, and this works out to be the most accurate of them all. For all women above the age of 35 years, this is must as problems with pregnancy could be avoided.

In arrival of the anticipation of the baby, with the help of pregnancy calculators, mothers can revoke their curiosity levels. This same policy tends to apply to the doctors as well. When a doctor decides to opt for an assisted form of delivery, they would need to have an idea about the due date of the baby as well.

To conclude, pregnancy due date calculator works out to be advantageous for both mothers along with doctors.

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