How To Prepare For Your Ski Holiday

No matter how new or advanced you are at the sport of skiing, there are a few things you should do before taking off on a ski holiday. By taking these things into consideration and appropriately preparing your body, you will be safer on the slopes and have a more enjoyable holiday.


Before embarking on any luxury ski holiday, it is important to have the proper clothing. It is cold on the slopes and with the proper clothing you will be better equipped to enjoy the snow all day long, instead of going back to the lodge early. The proper clothing needs to keep the body warm, but not hot, as excess sweating can actually make you colder. Stock up on breathable fabrics that keep you warm enough, yet let sweat evaporate when you get too hot. In addition, purchase the right amount of woollen undergarments so as to stay warm even during the coldest days.


Skiing can be hard on your body if you haven’t done any preparation before your trip. Starting two months ahead of your vacation, create an exercise routine and practice it on a regular basis. The first thing to focus on is cardiovascular fitness, which will help if you plan to ascend to higher altitudes than you are used to.

Another fitness area to focus on is balance. Skiing takes balance and coordination to do properly, and these areas need a little practice before you go jumping back into the sport. Ice skating and rollerblading work your body in a similar way to skiing, so these are great ways to prepare for your skiing holiday. Go rollerblading or ice skating on a regular basis and you will notice your balance improve immensely as your ski trip gets closer.


Make sure your equipment is in great working order before your holiday by getting it all serviced. Your skis should be waxed and their edges sharpened. This will help make your skiing experience smoother on the slopes, which will allow you to have more fun. Besides your skis, make sure you boots still fit properly and are comfortable as you will be wearing them all day.


The last thing to do before your holiday is to stretch on a regular basis. Whether you do this in the morning, before exercising, or at any other time of the day, maintaining your flexibility during the cold weather will allow you to be more comfortable during your trip. Colder temperatures can make muscles stiff, but by stretching on a regular basis beforehand, you will be set to be flexible and comfortable during your vacation.

By being properly prepared for your ski holiday, you can reduce the chance of injuries, ski longer, and have more fun. It is important to keep stretching during your holiday, so as to keep the flexibility you have worked so hard to attain. Furthermore, it will help cut down on stiff joints and achy muscles, facilitating a faster recovery so you are ready to ski again by the next day.

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