Planning To Immigrate To Canada?

Canada will have a new requirement of 10,00,000  new immigrants before the year 2020.Canada is one of the most preferred country when it comes to applying application for the PR Visa. Every year there are a large number of applicants who dream to fly to Canada and to apply for the PR Visa Canada.A Permanent Residency Visa holder of Canada is the individual who is not a Canadian Citizen but has been given the Status of  Permanent Resident after migrating to Canada.

Anyone who re-enters Canada after leaving it will require a Permanent Residency Card.The Permanent Resident Card expires every five years, and then may be renewed by making application and proving  the applicants physical presence in Canada for the requisite time period, or has otherwise satisfied the residency requirements.While the PR Card was introduced to facilitate ease of travel for permanent residents, it can also be used as a convenient method of proving status to government authorities, employers and schools.
Thus there’re   quite a few number of Immigration Canada permanent resident programs under which a person can easily apply in order to become a permanent resident of Canada.  

There are a lot of benefits of getting a Permanent Residency Card in Canada,by  being a Canada immigration permanent resident

  1. You can apply for citizenship of Canada
  2. You as a Canadian resident will be able to leave work or study anywhere in Canada
  3. You will be protected under the Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms and the Canadian law.
  4. You can then avail all the benefits like Healthcare and other social benefits which a normal Canadian citizen receives

Required documents

  1. Educational credential assessment (ECA)
  2. Funds prove to support the application
  3. And other documents are required based on the different visa categories
  4. Original copy of official translation of document which will support the application and other educational degrees, Diploma and certificate, personal identification documents or other sponsor letters and relevant information and also required.

Few of the famous programs offered by Canada are QSWP ,PNP ,Express Entry System and so on.

Express Entry System :-The Express entry system launched in the month of January, 2015 managed how the skilled immigrants would apply in order to immigrate to Canada.According to the system an applicant first needs to fill the online application form including the language test score,their educational credential assessment and the other work experience,other factors. the filling and the submission of Express Entry Profile is absolutely free of cost and their complete application received under the express entry system would be processed within 6 month or even less.

Under the PNP Program an applicant needs to directly apply to a territory or a provinces and needs to apply in two stages.

For the selection of immigrants outside of Canada will be done as pet the province’s skill requirement for the labour market and its economy.This was Approved by an agreement between Quebec and the Government of Canada. This comes under the QSWP Program ( Investor/Entrepreneur Program).One needs to apply in two stages for this program.

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