Product Packaging: Basic Functions And Importance

Packaging, by definition, is a science, art, and technology. It includes or protects consumer goods for their manipulation, storage, distribution, and sale. Product packaging serves many purposes. The product must have good packaging. One of the characteristics of proper packaging is convenience. The design and size should suit a consumer’s needs. A packaging that is too heavy is a marketing no-no. Security, adaptability, dependability, status, and aesthetics are the characteristics of good packaging. Product packaging performs four essential functions.

Essential functions of product packaging


One of the significant functions of product packaging is product identification. Each product has a special-sized, unique-colored, and distinct-shaped container. The aim is for people to be able to identify the product with ease, even on shelves packed with other products.


The primary function of packaging is to protect the product from several factors. These include dirt, insects, dampness, and breakage. Edible products like cookies, chips, jam, and others need protection from environmental contact. A tight packaging resolves that. Packaging also serves as protection during shipment of the product. The product must stay safe from the manufacturer to the store. The security of the product, while it sits on store shelves, is also essential.


The packaging is not supposed to be an obstacle for people buying the products. Packaging provides convenience. Not only in the carriage of the product from one place to another, but also in stocking and consuming. Consumers often prefer products designed to have packaging for more natural consumption. More accessible carriage and storage also gives a product advantage.


Product packaging makes sales promotion easier. Most people consider packaging as an effective passive salesman. People often get reminded about the product. The sales increase this way. Product packaging glamorizes a product to attract the consumer’s attention. Most consumers judge a product by its packaging before deciding on buying it. A compelling and alluring packaging is a product’s trump card.

Importance of product packaging

Opening a product should be an exciting process. Product and package design are essential when it comes to brand image. Most consumers choose between products by looking at the product packaging. Design and packaging are what defines the best companies. These two give them their competitive edge. There are different types of packaging materials. It is crucial to choose what suits the product.

Common types of packaging materials include plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and glass. Other elements, like paper bags, corrugated boxes, and bottles, are also often used. You can also find clear packaging in Australia. Other products also use cartons, cans, wrappers, and envelopes as packaging. Product packaging is a very critical element in a competitive market. It is now one of the best differentiation tools for brands knowing how to make use of it.

Benefits of product packaging

Product packaging not only protects the product. It also keeps the product from going bad and decreases costs. Hygiene is also important and a priority when it comes to packaging. Product packaging also makes the product more affordable in some way.

Product packaging is like the product’s dress. It is an inevitable part of our lives. Some product packaging even costs more than the product itself. It only shows how important product packaging is for manufacturers.

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