Umbrella – Make Your Traveling Comfortable

There is nothing more interesting and fun giving activity than traveling. Travelling gives a chance to explore the world and give us a real experience which you cannot gain through anything else. However, there are lots of things which you should take care before you start your journey. You must take all the necessary things and some products which are extremely useful like torch, lighter, multi-tool knife and umbrella.  Most of the parasols are very heavy and it is not easy to pack them in the luggage because of their rigid design. Considering all these problems Repel has invented a completely new type of Travel umbrella which is not only light is weight but also compact. You can easily pack this in bag or purse as well.

  Secrets to check the quality of umbrella


The first thing you should check is construction style, you can focus on the number of ribs. Extra ribs provide extra support to the dome to handle the extreme force of the wind.


The fabric of parasol must be tough enough otherwise the wind will tear it apart and at the time of deluge it can also be demolished.

Height and handle

Height play very important and proper height gives strong grip. In order to use the parasol for long hours, the handle must be comfortable.


Heavy parasol will make you tire soon and it will not be possible for you to carry it with you all the time. Ideal umbrella must be light in weight.


The overall size of parasol should be good but when it is close it must be easily packable in luggage.

Features of Repel Travel Umbrella

Perfect Size

The size of this product of Repel Company is remarkable when it is open and it can easily cover the circumference of your body. This gives you the extra product at the time of rainy day or sunny day.

Automatic operation

Unlike the traditional products, this one has auto open and close button which makes is very perfect and give extra smooth functioning.

Superior quality of fabric

The fabric is very important thus the company has made this product with the special Teflon material. This keeps it light even in the heavy rain because the material is waterproof and you can easily repack the product after use because of its ability of quick dryness.

Convenience of packing

The company has made this with the special three-fold design. After closing it you can put this into special travel sleeve which comes absolutely free.

Powerful structure

Nine ribs are used in order to provide this extra power. You can use this product without any hesitation the roughest weather as well. These ribs are made of special non-breakable material.

The last words

There is no need to search this product because you can best buy this product at just in $19.75 which is after discount prize. In addition, the company is providing you lifetime replacement guarantee. Surprisingly the company will not ask you to return anything. So there is nothing which can stop you from best traveling experience. Place your order today and have unlimited fun with great style.

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